21st Sunday in OT (Father Vincent Gluc) 8.25.19

20th Sunday in OT (Deacon Tom Nemchik) 8.18.19

20th Sunday in OT (Deacon Peter Swan) 8.18.19

16th Sunday in OT (Deacon Peter Swan) 7.21.19

16th Sunday in OT (Deacon John Halloran) 7.21.19

Most Holy Trinity (Deacon Tom) 6.16.19

Most Holy Trinity (Deacon Peter) 6.16.19

2nd Sunday of Easter (Deacon Peter) 4.28.19

2nd Sunday of Easter (Deacon Tom Nemchik) 4.28.19

1st Sunday of Lent (Fr. John) 3.10.19

Deacon Tom 2.17.19

4th Sunday in OT/Super Bowl Sunday (Fr. Vincent Gluc - 02.03.19)

MLK, Jr. Day January 2019 (Fr. John)

Epiphany 2019 (Fr. John)

2nd Sunday of Advent 2018 (Father John)

1st Sunday of Advent 2018 (Father John)

Deacon Peter's Advent Homily (What Should We Do?)

World AIDS Day Mass (Fr. Vincent Gluc - 11.28.18)


33rd Sunday of OT (Deacon Greg Pecore-11.18.18)

32nd Sunday of OT (Fr. John - 11.11.18)

Christ the King (Fr. John - 11.25.18)

31st Sunday of OT (Fr. Luis Palacios - 11.3.18)

27th Sunday of OT (Fr. John)

29th Sunday of OT (Fr. John)

30th Sunday of OT (Fr. John)

28th Sunday of OT (Deacon Peter)

Solemnity of St. Francis of Assisi (Bishop Gregory Hartmayer - 10.4.18)

25th Sunday of OT (Father John)

Deacon Peter 9.16.18

22nd Sunday (Father John) 

21st Sunday (Father John)

Deacon Peter 8.19.18

Deacon Greg Pecore's Homily 7.15.18

Deacon Peter's Homily 7.15.18

13th Sunday of Ordinary Time [GOD did not create Death]  (Father John)

The Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist (Father John)

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Father Paul)

Décimo Domingo en Tiempo Ordinario 2018 (Father John)

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Father John)

Father Paul: Trinity Sunday

Segundo Domingo de Pascua (2018)

2nd Sunday of Easter 2018

Easter 2018 (Fr. John)

Easter 2018 (bilingual) (Fr. John)

Holy Thursday 2018 (bilingual)  (Fr. John)

3/18/18: Deacon Peter

3/4/18: Father Paul's Sermon, 3rd Sunday of Lent

2/18/18: Deacon Peter's Homily, 1st Sunday of Lent

1/28/18: Father John's Homily, 4th Sunday

1/28/18: Father Paul's Homily, 4th Sunday

1/15/18: Father Paul's Homily in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Epiphany 2018 (Father John)

12/31/17: Father John's Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family 2017


Christmas Day, 2017 (Father John)

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2017 (Father John)

11/17/17: Deacon Peter's Homily "Christ in Our Midst": 3B: Advent

First Sunday of Advent, 2017 (Father John)





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