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Growing In Faith

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  • June 2018 Issue: As we do when we perform a good spring cleaning of our homes, Spring is a time to open up, air out, and give a brisk, thorough cleaning of our souls.  Our main article on page one tells us how.  A ritual we know so well can seem predictable or even routine.  The main article on page two helps readers take a new look at the Mass to remember the magnificent gifts we get from regularly attending.  One of the struggles Catholics share is finding time for prayer.  More than an item on our to-do lists, prayer is meant to be a conversation between us and our Beloved.  Our popular Q&A suggests ways to make prayer more meaningful.
  • May 2018 Issue: Stress can result from feeling powerless in circumstances; yet, knowing when to surrender and trust God can actually bring peace and calm even in chaos.  Our main article on page one helps readers draw on God’s strength to seek serenity and peace when needed most.  Jesus couldn’t have been clearer in asking us to share His love with the world.  Our main article on page two offers three suggestions for communicating love in a fallen world.  Catholics aren’t always comfortable with our baptismal call to evangelize and spread the Gospel.  Our popular Q&A feature helps readers understand why it’s integral to our faith.





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