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Growing In Faith

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  • May 2019 Issue: Joy is more than a feeling – it comes from making choices that are pleasing to God. Our main article on page one gives tips from Scripture for adding more joy to any life.  Lent is a chance to take a look at our lives, jettison what is bad, and keep what is good beyond the celebration of Easter. Our main article on page two looks at common Lenten practices and points out the benefits of continuing them after Easter.  Catholics are often asked why we worship Mary.  In fact, we give Mary special honor, but we worship only God.  Our popular Q&A on page two explains.
  • April 2019 Issue: One amazing fact of which Easter reminds us is that God lives and lives with us.  In fact, we can renew our Easter joy every week at Mass on Sunday, our “little Easter.”  Our article on page one explains.  We are all looking for the right love in our lives.  It is said that in order to attract the perfect love, we have to become the perfect lover.  God is the perfect love.  All we need to do to claim His love is to become better lovers ourselves.  Our main article on page two gives strategies to do just that.  Catholics often ask why we should go to Mass?  What do we get out of it?  Our popular Q&A on page two explains how the qualities of the Mass make it essential for our spiritual health.










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