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Growing In Faith

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  • August 2018 Issue: Catholics reserve worship for God, but Mary has a special place in our hearts. Readers learn how to make God's Mother our own.  Not only are we called to follow Jesus, we are asked to lead others to Him.  Our main article on page two offers simple tips for leading others to Christ.  Is it okay to tell a "white lie?"  Does the result justify our actions?  Our popular Q&A feature explains.
  • July 2018 Issue: Jesus directed His followers to forgive and extend mercy as we want mercy extended to us.  Often the person we find most difficult to forgive is ourselves.  Our main article on Page One helps readers take steps to offer true self forgiveness.  We often think that God needs our prayers to know how to act on our behalf or to help others.  In fact, prayer is needed to strengthen our relationship and conform us more closely to God.  Our popular article, "Why Do Catholics Do That?" explains.  The Bible is the key to happiness in this world and the next, yet we don’t always know how to uncover its treasures.  Our main article on Page Two gives readers tips for reading Scripture as the Word of God.





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