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Growing In Faith

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  • May 2017 Issue - Jesus insists that we love one another as He does.  Readers learn powerful ways to show God's love to all.  Everything we need to know about how to live well and get to Heaven can be found in the pages of the Bible.  The main article on page two explains.  Our popular Q&A feature details the gifts of the Holy Spirit which we all receive and can use.
  • June 2017 Issue - The peace of Christ doesn't preclude occasional anxiety, but the key to mastery is not allowing anxiety to cloud our judgment.  The main article on page one explains.  Virtues are invaluable tools to strengthening holiness.  The main article on page two details the theological virtues and how to practice them.  "From Scripture" helps readers understand that conflict with the world is part of the Christian experience.  What we want to avoid is conflict with God and His laws.


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